Hard Nut

Written by Edet Crownofglory Patience

You’re told to work hard, yet you see people who barely work making it big.
You keep struggling to make a name

in life yet it is as if you have been joking all your life. You hear that good morals pave way, as much as possible you try to live truthfully and honestly, yet no way has paved for you. Now, you’re tired of treading this path with no gain or reward.

They know you for good conducts yet you barely gather two square meals. Why is life so mean to you? You keep asking yourself.
You run helter skelter to be a good person but life keeps turning its back on you. You often hear there is a ‘Rewarder’ known as the Supreme Being, why exactly is He favouring some at the expense of others, when is He going to reward the faithful? They said He is an impartial judge but all you see is partiality.

As much as you try to run after life, it keeps engaging you in a marathon race. You’re already getting tired of running after life.
‘Friends, please tell me why life has been unfair to me, why me, people why me?’ You keep asking yet no one seems to give you the right answer to your question.

You hear and see people making it just by selling herbs, quickly, you joined them. Alas! it turned out to be a serious joke – as no one looks your way for patronage. Then you begin to wonder if you offended anyone.

You saw them educating themselves and making it well through education, again, you ventured into it so you could set food on your table and be accorded with due respect but all you heard after all you went through is ‘education has lost its value’ plus there are no jobs anywhere. Hence, stop waiting for white collar job. Why me?

Why should I be jobless when people who are less educated are counting six figure profits? What is the essence of life if it is not fair to all? You thought.

Some were born with silver spoons attached to their mouths, they already had everything arranged and prepared for them on a platter of gold, while the poor man’s child that walks barefooted to school under the scorching sun, and manages to squeeze himself through school still comes back with nothing.

When he is finally done with good grades, he moves up and down with tattered clothes looking for something to call a job. He is denied ‘a well deserved position’ just because he is not related to the crém-dé-la-crém of the society. Those spoilt brats who hardly know what value represents, are made to manage top positions they aren’t qualified for, just because their families have a ‘reserved’ name in the ‘root of the society’.

What is the essence of dignity, good morals, corrupt free society being preached and taught, when the nation is already on a shaky foundation of corrupt practices? The motivations to live all these lives have been trampled on.

Oh! What a life?

Your parents keep warning you against the opposite sex as a girl, the holy book teaches abstinence. After being obedient to the end, getting the right man becomes a hard nut to crack, not to talk of getting married – which is not a piece of cake on its own. While those who threw caution to the wind and lived their lives to the fullest got the most successful men and ended up having peaceful marriages. You wonder if it worth the waiting?

You’re running after the computer fraudsters all in a bit to sanitize the society and curb the menace of unscrupulous activities in your society; like your job entails. Yet, someone out there will charge them big amounts and release them once they fulfill their obligations of paying whatever they were billed?

You refuse to join them in collecting tips from the offenders, yet your colleagues and senior colleagues are there collecting what they call ‘my rights’ from the offenders even before they embark on the fraudulent journey. How will this be corrected when they are indirectly supporting computer fraud (yahoo yahoo)?

To you, It seems you’re all alone in this pursuit of Societal Sanity , hence, you start multiplying enemies for yourself all in the name of doing what you think is right.

Where does all these monies go to? You ask no one in particular. You refrain yourself from collecting bribes and those who are collecting it are driving exotic cars. Who loses? We both wonder.

By the way, you officer, they know all you want is money, hence, they’ll make extra effort to dupe people, having in mind that you will surely get your share. They easily settle you at any given opportunity. Are you not a fraudster yourself? In case you don’t know, you’re sending them more than what they send themselves.

This life should be categorized into groups so that people can live peacefully and stop running after life. After all said and done, they’ll tell you that “if you can’t beat them, you join them”. What then is the purpose of teaching your children good morals when it can’t sustain them in the society?

In all, life is an institution you keep learning from until you graduate to the great beyond.

Note: If any of the above cases speaks to you, please don’t give up! Do well to continue Your good deeds because you never can tell when you’ll be rewarded and favoured.

Life is never fair! Grab Sense! Grab Grace!!!


2 thoughts on “Hard Nut

  1. Well, first of all, HARD WORK like I will always say means *Helpful or Healthy Alternatives Readily Developed, Wisely Optimised, Rightfully and Knowledgeably.*

    So, you don’t just need to be hard working. What are you hard working at?

    1. Is it *Helpful*? Can it put you on to the podium you are aiming?

    2. Is it a good *Alternative* or option? Are you hard working in the right thing. Are you sure that is what you are supposed to be doing?

    3. Is is *Readily* planned. Do you have a plan of action?

    4. Have you *Developed* the capacity you want to sell? Are you ready for the market?

    5. Have you *Wisely* packaged your skills? Are you sure you are in the desirable form?

    6. Have you *Optimised* your skills and sought exposure for the thing you are working on?

    7. Is the chosen area *Rightfully* and

    8. *Knowledgeably* thought of?

    The fact that you beat the other students in class doesn’t mean you are more brilliant or hard working.

    It only means, you are in your zone. The moment you get into their zone, they will beat you too. So you have to apply the Principles of *H.A.R.D.W.O.R.K.* in every area of your life.

    You cannot expect a fish to win a battle on dry land. It must be in the right environment to win the battle.

    Purpose, Direction, Goals…. Discover yourself before you find yourself running after someone else’s vision. You will only end up frustrated when you see the ones you considered dull leading the queue.

    Good morals, great skills, etc in the wrong field are but a waste.

    Discover yourself before anything else.


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