Look Before You Leap

Written by Edet Crownofglory Patience

I was given an opportunity to pick something. I didn’t notice there were varieties of that item, so I just picked the one which was within reach.

When I got to my seat, a friend

told me she chose the kind I chose because she saw that was what I picked. I was like really? I never knew. Then it dawned on me that there were two kinds of that stuff.

How many times have we had to make decisions blindly because we are oblivion of the fact that we have various options to choose from?

Many times people we have no knowledge of are actually watching us. If I had done evil, then I would have been caught red handed without me knowing.

Many times, as Christians we live carefree lives because we think everything is normal when it is not actually so. In fact, we need to be sensitive of everything around us because the devil is very corny and keeps 24/7 watch on the children of God.

Moreover, we need to be very careful before making decisions because whatever decision we make can make or mar us.


Look at Jacob’s daughter; Dinah. She could have prevented the evil that befell her if only she had taken time to study her new environment and the people around.

I guess she was too trusting, and also a novice at that. Hence, she extended her hands of friendship/fellowship without even knowing who she was meeting and this cost her her virginity.

As a Christian, we should seek out for the Holy Spirit’s leading before we make decisions, even the smallest decision.
We shouldn’t be blind to the devices of the devil.

Whatever the situation maybe and however beautiful it looks, ensure you communicate with the best and trusted friend anyone could have. It is the work of our friend; the Holy Spirit to make sure our pathways are taken care of.

Hence, no evil can befall you if you really believe and trust your best friend because He will always communicate with you and also guide you from making mistakes.


Stay Blessed


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