Unconscious Lies

Written by Edet Crownofglory Patience

I was chatting with some ‘troublesome’ kids when I noticed that one of the girls’ tooth was shaking. She tried to forcefully remove her tooth, unconsciously I told the girl that if she does that, her tooth will not grow out again.

Immediately, my police asked

if that was true. I then realized I had lied in a bit to scare the little girl from harming herself. I made amends by telling the girl that blood will gush out if she removes her tooth forcefully.


Hmmmn! May God be merciful on us and help us to always be conscious of the subtle strategy of the devil to lure us to sin not minding the situation we find ourselves.

God doesn’t know/take jokes or plays, lie is lie as sis is sin, no matter what your intention is.

Let us be at alert in order to prevent the accuser of brethren from having anything against us.
Be always conscious so you don’t sell your birthright for cheap jokes and plays.

Your conscience is your police! Hence, be attentive to its call.



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