Written by Edet Crownofglory Patience

For every Esther, there’s a Mordecai.

Esther needs to connect to the right Mordecai to get to her King Ahaseurus.

Esther couldn’t have attained the height she got to in the Empire of Persia if not for the impact Mordecai took in her life.

Imagine Esther that was brought

in as a slave rose to the position of a queen because mercy and grace located her. She became the Second Citizen in over 127 provinces.

What do you think would have happened had it been she was a disobedient and wayward child who never listens or take counsel from her uncle or anyone else?

For every born again child of God, there is a destined place for him/her, however, s/he must be careful, focused and attentive in order to get to the ‘promised land’.

For Esther, her promised land was to be King Ahaseurus’ wife and getting honoured by her uncle’s enemy.

Your promised land might be a blissful home you’ve been desiring, success in all life endeavour, great achievement, new height e.t.c. All these could be easily attained and achieved if and only if you get the right ladder. To Esther, her ladder was MORDECAI.

Your earnest prayer should be that God should give you a ‘Mordecai‘ that will serve as your ladder and lead and direct you as you progress in life’s journey.

Receive your Mordecai in Jesus name! Amen.


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