The Unpredictable

I took some students to the stadium for the children’s day celebration, because we were the only school that represented all secondary schools in the city, so we went to the state capital for the celebration.

Prior to this time, one of my students who went to her mother’s place in the state capital for the holiday break, told me she will come to the stadium and see me.

I remember I told her she might not find me because of the mammoth. She said she will look for me. And I agreed.

On the D-day, after all activities and all speeches were delivered, we were about to leave the stadium but I was so pressed that I had to go to the far end of the stadium to ease myself.

People were trooping in and out of the stadium. Suddenly, out of nowhere, I heard a scream like ‘mummy’ from a familiar voice; my students address me by that name. At first I thought it can’t be my own ‘mummy’ hahahaha you know nah, inside this big stadium, nobody knows me, so I thought.

Then my real name was called over and over again, gazing at where the sound was emanating from, I saw this girl. I was wowed! Like; how could she have located me at that instant? Not as if She had the knowledge of what dress I was putting on, plus the fact that she was just coming from home.

Despite the fact that we were almost leaving when she arrived, she spotted me amidst the crowd. I referenced God. I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears.

I was flabbagasted and speechless. Fine, I anticipated seeing her but not in that place, nor at that time we were about leaving neither at that place. She was still outside the compound when she saw me, though, the place was a hill.

Then, I realised that God doesn’t walk/work with multitudes, when He is ready to bless you, He singles you out of the crowd and blesses you.

Another thing is that, I had lost hope of seeing her because everything was almost over but God made me to understand that He isn’t controlled by our earthly time.

What is that hopeless case that you think has brought you to an end? My brother, my sister, I’m happy to announce to you that there is someone up there that controls time and all the affairs we run after. Please trust Him and that hopelessness will change to Hopefulness! He is never late!!!

When God favours you with divine connection, it will seem as if you are dreaming. Pray and get it.

Get connected in Jesus name. Amen


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