The Great Calendar

Written by Edet Crownofglory Patience

The lame man at the pool of Bethesda was there for 38 years. Do you know what he was doing there? He kept on trying and looking for a better opportunity to get himself into the pool for prompt cleansing.

With patience and endurance, he kept

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Awemazing August

I’m glad to announce to all my fans and amiable readers that by the special grace of God, this month will be filled with the combination of Awesome and Amazing Blessings in Jesus name.

Once again, I’m sorry I was absent here for a complete month, its due to some unavoidable circumstances.

This time, God helping me, I pledge to post inspirational and motivational articles here on a daily basis.

Therefore, tell a friend to tell another friend and another friend that is now opened for everyone to come and read.

Thanks for being ever attentive!

I love you all.


Hello dear Readers,

Its been a while right?

I am very sorry for leaving this place blank without prompt notice, I have been extremely busy, please pardon me.

I will be back pretty soon, and this time, I promise I’m coming in a better and stronger way.

Thank you for your understanding!

Happy 7th day in the month of PERFECTION!

I pray the Lord will give you double perfection in Jesus name.

Thank you for accepting my apology!!!